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So what's up with the name TRDLNYK?

February 23, 2018

So for the record it's pronounced truh-del-nick and ultimately it just stands for turtleneck. In naming our brand TRDLNYK, we wanted to create a brand who's essence was 1800mattress (for turtlenecks for guys) while also poking fun at high-fashion brands that Americans love to struggle to pronounce. 

Meanwhile, the name is adapted from Trdelník a tasty pastry that I constantly saw during my time living in Prague.  The root word in Czech, Trdlo, means a dumb guy. Not dumb like truly stupid, but dumb in a kinda cute we thought it was a fitting name for our brand in a kind of cute way. This is Trdelnik btw: 

and Finally TL;DR -- We've got this long story about why we make turtlenecks and why they are interesting to us, but ultimately our, much like the entirety of this post boils down to: 

TL;DR we make turtlenecks for guys, they're insanely comfortable, and they look amazing.