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What’s in a name: The turtleneck

November 20, 2018

Fun fact, turtleneck is a term used pretty much exclusively in the USA. Also, turtlenecks being worn by men is much more rare in the US than it is elsewhere in the world. In the UK you’ll often see turtlenecks called roll-necks or polo-necks, while in Australia and New Zealand they use the term skivvy. (Then you’ve got mock-necks which come less high on the neck, and are fully sewn into the neckline.)

That being said, I feel like we can agree that turtleneck is undoubtedly a weird name. Mainly because you’ve got the automatic association with a turtle, which isn’t the sexiest animal, where as a turtleneck can get you a sleek, stylish (not gonna full on say sexy but we’re tempted) look.

Are we saying that less American guys wear turtlenecks because of a weird naming convention? No. Are we suggesting there’s a correlation? Maybe? But really just thought it was interesting-ish.

P.S. to any turtles reading this, I’m sorry I said you’re not sexy. I was just trying to make these guys feel better about themselves.