The Turtle Puppy - Mens Turtleneck - Ivy/Green


Our first signature shirt. Soft as a puppy, a turtle with a two-tone inner neck. Insanely breathable fabric, with a stretch to give a natural modern fit.

  • Drop-cut / scallop-bottom
  • Contrast neck lining for a variety of looks: wear it straight up, mock-it-in, or mock-it out to show off the contrast neck
  • *Runs true to size with a natural slim fit so if you prefer baggier fit we suggest you size up.
    • Marge is a half-size between Medium and Large.
  • Fabric color pattern is a heathered green rather than a solid color
  • 62% Rayon, 19% Cotton, 13% Modal, 6% Spandex
  • 5 bucks per shirt goes to savin' the turtles

Made in Brooklyn

    **If you're interested in our selections for women, see here

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